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Med over 10 års erfaring som industri mekanikkere har vi opparbeidet oss en solid ekspertise innen montasje, service og vedlikehold. Vi er stolte av å kunne betjene et bredt spekter av industrier og tilby skreddersydde løsninger som møter våre kunders unike behov.

Which is a light metal structure

So, LSTK and ShMB - what is it? The basis of the latter is a high-strength metal frame, which is assembled from individual elements (columns, beams, trusses) - light metal structures. Fastening of vertical racks and horizontal crossbars is carried out using welding technology or bolted connections. Ready-made frames are distributed at the same distance and mounted with a concrete base. The technology for the production of prefabricated buildings (SMB) does not involve the construction of a capital or expensive foundation, as is practiced in traditional construction. Sheets of corrugated board, sandwich panels and other materials act as fencing structures. LSTK allow to build objects higher and wider than log and brick buildings.

The demand for SMB based on LMK is growing every year. Such popularity of buildings made of lightweight profiles is due to several reasons: short deadlines for metal products, the possibility of transporting them to any distance, carrying out installation work regardless of weather conditions, quick dismantling of the building with subsequent use in another place.

Advantages of light metal structures

The high technologies available to people today allow us to assemble building frames of various configurations and sizes with absolute accuracy in calculations. At the same time, the production technology of ShMB contributes to speeding up and simplifying installation work. As a result, objects erected from LSTK are characterized by manufacturability, high safety margin and durability. The ventilated structure is a three-layer structure that includes a cladding and insulation system that is attached to a special frame. The basis of the modern facade is the walls of the object. Brackets of a certain size and depth are fixed to them, the parameters of which are selected taking into account the thickness of the heat-insulating plates. Installation of insulation is carried out using dowels. The final stage in the formation of the first layer of a modern facade is the installation of a moisture and windproof film. The latter is characterized by increased vapor permeability.

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